Electrical Safety Tips for Your Home

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Every modern home is heavily dependent on electronics. There are appliances or gadgets in almost every room, both indoors and outdoors. With such an extensive network of electronics, there are bound to be complications every once in a while. Your home’s electrical system is sensitive, and the slightest trigger can result in a lot of damage.

When it comes to electrical disasters, the smallest one can cause irreversible damage. Not only your property, but your life is also at risk against them. While these damages are intense, they aren’t unavoidable. By taking the right precautions, you can make your home much more secure against such unforeseen accidents.

An effective way to combat this issue is by creating an electrical safety checklist, but for the basics, the following electrical safety tips can be effective.

Inspect the System Regularly

Electrical disasters are often the cause of an issue overlooked in the electrical system of a particular building. This can easily result in short circuits, overloads and power surges. For example, faulty wiring can be a hazard if left unchecked for a long time; this is especially common with very old wiring which has become more prone to damage over the years.

Inspecting your electrical system regularly will help you deal with any issues before the damage becomes irreparable. This system is the most important in your home due to your dependency on it; every single electronic gadget in your home may cease to function if there are faults within the network, which makes its inspection essential for practical purposes as well.

Use Surge Protectors

A power surge is one of the most common electrical disasters, and all homes are vulnerable to it. There are many different sources of a power surge, and without the necessary precautions, they can cost you some of your most valuable appliances.

A surge protector is a gadget somewhat similar to a smart plug. Just as the Wemo Mini Smart Plug can give your ordinary gadgets smart features by plugging into an outlet, a surge protector acts as a barrier between your connected gadget and the excess electricity flow in the system. Surge protectors are a good alternative to whole-home surge protection. They can make your home more secure in a cheaper, yet still effective way, which makes them a good option for electrical safety.

Avoid Overcrowding Outlets

Every outlet in your home allows a certain amount of electricity to flow through it and reach your electronics. When you attempt to draw more electricity than this limit, it can lead to a dangerous situation. Too many appliances plugged into a single outlet will draw an excessive amount of electricity from it, which can result in a short circuit – or even a fire.

If you can avoid using extensions altogether when it comes to heavy appliances, then you may be much safer against such accidents; however, if they must be used, try not to plug multiple large electronics into a single source simultaneously. This situation can be highly dangerous even if you come into contact with that particular extension or outlet.

Take Precautions When Working

Your home requires electrical work from time to time. Minor faults can be fixed at home with limited experience, provided you have the basic skillset. This can save you time, money and the hassle of having to call a professional for the most minor issues.

When working with electricity, practicing safety measures is a must. To avoid getting exposed to it, remember to use the right equipment. All the tools you use should be properly insulated; the handles must be made of a reliable material, and any ladders you have should not conduct electricity in the slightest. This also applies to the clothes you wear while working. An insulated suit is the best option to avoid any unforeseen accidents, especially if you will be outside where the soil may be damp or there may be moisture in the surrounding area.

Turning off the main power supply is one of the most basic steps to take before you begin. Make sure to never work with live wires; a tester is a good way to ensure that no electricity is running through the circuit while you’re in contact with it.

Smoke Detectors

Power outlets and electronic gadgets are prone to overheating, which can result in fires. If this fire breaks out without your knowledge, it can spread very quickly and may potentially result in the loss of your home. The damages from fires can be devastating, which is where smoke detectors can be of assistance.

This is a device which tells you when the slightest bit of smoke is detected in the room. The smoke detector will immediately notify you through a corresponding app, and you can take action before the fire gets out of hand. This gadget is capable of saving your life, valuables and property, which makes it a requirement for any house or apartment.

Smoke detectors can usually detect CO as well, which is also a big concern in any home. With appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators, you’re vulnerable to CO exposure, which makes this detector an important part of your home.


Fires are the most common accident cause by electrical disasters. Even in the best case scenario, you’re bound to lose valuables if matters aren’t dealt with at an initial stage. Such extreme damages must be avoided at all costs, and through the previously mentioned safety tips, you may be able to create a safer living environment.