Free Tools for Social Media Management

Creating a presence on social media for your business is a great way to attract new customers and retain old ones. It is challenging to constantly come up with new and engaging content. However, using social media management tools will allow you to effectively manage your brand or business. Here are some tools you can use to boost your presence on social media platforms.


This is a very popular tool for social media management. It uses a freemium model for its services. The free service allows you to link up to three social media accounts. You can have up to five pre-scheduled posts but there can be just one user. You can manage, customize, and schedule your posts for all your social media accounts from Hootsuite’s dashboard.

A unique feature of the tool is the Streams option. This feature lets you monitor all activities happening on your social media streams. Instead of going to each account, you can monitor and reply to mentions, conversations, hashtags, and keywords.

No matter what social media management tool you use, you first need to make sure you are using a dependable internet connection. Signup with Spectrum Internet. Take a look at Spectrum Billing to learn more.


With this tool, you can schedule your social media posts. The free service offers a single profile. You can schedule an unlimited number of posts but only up to three posts in an hour. You will also get basic posting features and tech support. You will need to pay to get more advanced features.

You can use Socialoomph to queue and schedule your social media posts in many ways. It lets you bulk import posts or create them from scratch. You may also gather material from RSS feeds and set up queues for your channels.

Content can also be used to line up and schedule directly to your blog website. Another queue can then be set up to publish blog posts on all your social media feeds. You can create content and share it in just a couple of clicks.


This is a visually appealing social media management tool. Although it has a primary focus on Instagram, you can use it to manage posts on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter as well.

The free service offers one account per platform, 50 Twitter posts, and 30 posts each on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can upload as many images as you want to Later’s media library. You can create schedules for photos you want to post and also view basic analytics for Instagram. You can also look for republish content generated by other users.

Use this tool to add labels and captions to your photos in the media library. Plus, it lets you use still images with the free account. To be able to post Instagram stories, videos, and carousel posts, you will need to purchase a subscriber account.


Buffer is a great tool for publishing content for those who are new to managing social media feeds. You can manage as many as 3 accounts for free and schedule a maximum of 10 posts. It has a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You can easily add posts to the queue as and when your posts get published.

It has two other services which complement this tool: Buffer Reply and Buffer Analyze. With Buffer Reply, you can add replies to comments that are mentioned on your social media posts. Buffer Analyze provides analytics from which you can gauge the performance of the content you post on your social media accounts. You will need to get paid subscriptions for both these services.

Summing Up

Your social media management should be strategized. You can use the tools mentioned here to help you manage your social media accounts. These tools have free versions. Their paid versions will also not be heavy on your pocket. Just like internet services provided by Spectrum. Contact Spectrum servicio al cliente to sign up for the best internet packages.