From Knoxville to Pigeon Forge: Must-See Stops and Things to Do Along the Way, Plus How Far is Clearwater from Tampa, FL

Tennessee in the United States is known for its enthralling music scene, high-class whiskey, and home to Great Smokies. The place is named Country Music and is home to many famous artists such as Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton. The musical aspects keep the place eminent among many. In Tennessee, there is Knoxville to pigeon forge, and they both have a distance of 50 km; therefore, the direct drive that connects both these places takes nearly 40 mins approx in a straightway drive. One can explore innumerable stops and rests within those minutes of traveling.

Bryson – The First Stop

Bryson, a northern city in Tennessee, is an attraction of majestic waterfalls, other than the Appalachian Trail, Smoky Mountains Trains Museum, and a national park. Bryson offers incredible fun and sightseeing to tourists. One must try their splendid hiking at the Great Smoky Mountains along with Bicycling, Camping, Fishing, and Picnicking.

Cherokee – The Second Stop

The second stop is Cherokee, a small town at the heart of Oconaluftee River Valley. It is 17 minutes away from Bryson. Visitors will surely have a good time at North Carolina waterfalls. The Antiquity of Cherokee Museum has opened the door of itself to know the history of the place to all.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park -The Third Stop

It is an American park that comes out between Carolina and Tennessee. It is 5 minutes away from Cherokee, becoming the third stop in the drive. It gives the most pleasant insights into the wildness of forest lands, waterfalls, and several activities around it. The fresh river water invites many tourists to go for water-based activities like swimming and diving. It also draws attention to biking, hiking, and fishing.

Townsend and Gatlinburg- The Fourth and Last Stop

Townsend comes in the way after covering 2.8 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains. Townsend has Lily Barn Garden, Tuck leechee Caverns, and authentic Brandy to offer, whereas Gatlinburg is filled with amusement parks.

The drive from Tampa to clearwater beach requires roughly 30 minutes. One of the most touristed routes is the Courtney Campbell Causeway, which offers stunning bay views. Public transportation is also available through the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), offering transport via Bus, the rest by Train and Air. Tampa is known for its galleries, amusement parks, and sports groups. Busch Gardens theme park is a famous destination, while the Tampa Bay History Center briefly looks at the city’s rich history.

Clearwater and Tampa bring a lot to the table. Moreover, with a brief distance of just 22 miles between them, one can explore the two urban communities during an outing to Florida. By Car, the journey takes one to cross 22.6 miles, while the Train takes 44 minutes, and by Air sends in 33 minutes.