How To Choose an Auto Transport Company?

While moving across a state or country, the process of transporting your car can be tedious and you might need to hire an auto transport company. Looking for the best auto shipping company can be a daunting task, but once you are aware of the essential factors, it will help you in making the right decision.

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Research online to narrow down your choices with auto shipping companies that offer the services you are looking for. Check for customer reviews and even if the company has a negative review, note how they respond to their customers, which will speak a lot about their business. Strike off the companies from your list. which you think are offering low-quality services.

Look for a registered company

  • Ensure that the auto transport company you choose is registered under the Department of Transportation (DoT).
  • They should have a proper registration number.
  • Check with their registration number on the FMCSA website for a safe driving record.


Picking up a car shipping company that is insured and bonded ensures that you remain covered if your car or the driver meets an accident. It is important to understand the coverage policy that the company provides while your vehicle is in transit. Although they might charge a bit more for providing full coverage to the car, it is worth it as you get peace of mind.

Don’t go for cheap options

Paying less for more always sounds lucrative, but not all deals can be as good as they seem. Therefore, avoid choosing a business that offers low costs, especially if they are offering services much below the standard rates. These are signs of poor service and should therefore be avoided.

Moreover, businesses like these frequently charge several hidden fees or additional prices. Hence, avoid being driven by cheaper costs and choose an auto transport company that can simply offer the best service.

Services and performance

If you’re an individual who needs to ship a regular car, there is no need to get in touch with or get a price quote from a car shipping company that transports luxury vehicles. These companies are either going to overcharge you or not send your automobile at all.

  • Choose a business that has the expertise of transporting the kind of vehicle you own.
  • Check if their services satisfy your needs.
  • Check if they can provide you with enclosed auto transport or door-to-door service as you may require these services.
  • Compare the shipping costs as small companies might charge more for cross-country transportation.

Make an educated decision while choosing a car shipping company as it is not only for the services that you are hiring but because you can trust them with your vehicle.