How to Clean Your Bathroom Like a Pro

Cleaning your bathroom may not be the most enjoyable thing to do, but it is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Bathrooms are prone to germs and bacteria due to their moist and warm environment, so it is crucial to keep them clean. Here are some professional tips and techniques from disinfection professionals to help you clean your bathroom like a pro.

How do I clean my bathroom like a professional?

Let’s prepare to make every corner of your bathroom shine with the help of tried and true tips:

Preparing for the Clean-up

Before you start cleaning, gather all the necessary cleaning supplies that you will need to clean your bathroom. You will require gloves, a scrub brush, a toilet bowl cleaner, a disinfectant cleaner, a mop, a bucket, and a microfiber cloth. Protective gear such as gloves and a face mask are essential to prevent direct contact with germs and dust during the cleaning process.

To ensure better cleaning, declutter your bathroom and remove all items that could get in the way during the cleaning process. Clear off the bathroom counters and remove any movable items such as mats, towels, and shower curtains. Clearing the space not only allows you to clean more effectively but also ensures that you do not miss any spots that could attract germs or bacteria.

Cleaning the Toilet

The toilet is considered one of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom. Hence, it requires a thorough cleaning using a specialized toilet bowl cleaner. Start by pouring the cleaner into the bowl and let it sit for some time. Use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl, including underneath the rim, to remove all dirt. After scrubbing, flush the toilet to rinse off the cleaner.

Cleaning the Sink and Countertops

Sinks and countertops are more prone to stains due to the frequent use of water and other liquids in the bathroom. To clean the sink and countertop, use an all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant. Spray the cleaner onto the surface and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean. Pay close attention to the sink drain, as it is another area where dirt and buildup could accumulate.

The Shower and Bathtub Area

The shower and bathtub areas require a bit more effort to clean than other parts of the bathroom. Firstly, remove any movable items such as shampoo and soap bottles. Use a bathtub cleaner or all-purpose cleaner to spray the surface and leave it to sit for some time to allow for maximum penetration of the cleaning solution. Use a scrub brush or a pumice stone to scrub any tough stains, then rinse off the cleaner.

Cleaning the Floors

The bathroom floors are also an essential part of the cleaning process. Start by sweeping or vacuuming the floor to remove any debris or dust. Then, use a mop and bucket with a cleaning solution to clean the floor. Be sure to mop thoroughly to clean all parts of the floor, including the grout and corners.

Final Touches

After cleaning the bathroom thoroughly, it is time to add some final touches. Replace any movable items, including towels and mats, and ensure that all surfaces are completely dry. Open the windows or use a fan to allow good air circulation, which can help prevent mold and mildew from forming after cleaning.

All in all, if you rely on the above techniques and tips, you can effectively clean your bathroom like a pro. For better results, clean your bathroom regularly, and remember to maintain a hygienic environment to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

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