How to Make A YouTube Video with Pictures and Audio

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YouTube is recognized as one of the most popular and effective social media platforms. Since YouTube was introduced, It has been used for many purposes like entertainment, education, information, and income. As its basic services are free of cost, you can’t find anyone having an internet connection not using Youtube. 

YouTube videos have both commercial and personal benefits. Business corporations are extensively using this platform to promote their products and services. Not only business organizations but also celebrities, influencers, and general people are using YouTube videos to share their thought, vlogs, daily life, etc. Getting more views and followers are the two essential steps while video marketing. So your video must be of great quality. You can also buy some views and followers at SocialWick

 That’s why before planning to create a Youtube channel and sharing videos you must know the technique and tools to create a standard Youtube video. In this article, I will try to show you how you can make a Youtube video using pictures and audio.

How to Make A You Video with Pictures and Audio

Creating a YouTube video with pictures or images and an audio file is a basic type of video-making. With the right tools and following properly, you can easily make a video for your YouTube channel. Here are some ways in the following by following which you can make a YouTube Video in just a few steps. 

Use YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker is one of the popular software nowadays for video making and editing. Creating a video with YouTube Maker is easy and smooth. You just have to follow the following three steps- 

  • Install and open YouTube Movie Maker. Add pictures and audio file in the software.
  • Insert images and audio music or recording into the timeline.
  • Check transition effects and edit them or save them

Your video is ready. Just upload it to your YouTube channel.

Use Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is another popular and good software for video creation. Just follow the below steps and you will have a good-quality video.

  • Install the latest version of the software and run it.
  • Browse and add the picture you want to use.
  • Click music and add the audio file to be used.
  • Edit the audio file’s duration and set it with the images.
  • Preview the video and if needed edit the video.
  • Save and upload it to YouTube.
Use iMovie

iMovie is a good option while making a YouTube video. The steps to create a video on iMovies are given below-

  • Install the software first and click the + button and select the movie.
  • Select a theme and start to create.
  • Select the media button and add the desired pictures and audio file. The audio file has to be double-clicked.
  • Drag both pictures and audio files to the software’s required frame.
  • Preview the video and save the video. Share it on your YouTube channel. These are three popular video-making and editing tools. But there is plenty of software like this and most of them have the same procedure. Want to know the Klein took backpack guide you can use social media to do that. 
Some tips to make better-quality YouTube videos
  • Use audio shake effects.
  • Use a mask effect.
  • Add some wonder text effect.
  • Add 3D effects.
  • Use high-resolution pictures and good-quality audio.

Making a good quality YouTube video to get more views is the first and foremost step. You can use this software effectively to create YouTube videos with pictures and images because these tools are user-friendly and less costly. Lastly, I hope this article has helped you to gain some basic knowledge about YouTube Video making.