Simple Considerations for RO Water Purifier Maintenance

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Did you know that a RO purifier may operate for up to 15 years? Is it a bit difficult for you to believe this?

That’s certainly conceivable, and in our experience, several RO purifiers have lasted that long. If it is properly maintained, any good-quality RO purifier may easily endure for a long time.

The RO purifier will last longer if it is properly maintained by a RO service near me in Bangalore, and it will also ensure that the water is pure and safe to drink.

Your family’s health is at stake if you have neglected your RO purifier for a long time since they may wind up drinking tainted water.

Here are some helpful maintenance suggestions for your RO system to ensure its efficient, trouble-free, and long-lasting performance.

Read And Abide By The User Manual

Reading and adhering to the instructions provided in the user manual is the first and most fundamental piece of advice for appropriate maintenance of your RO water purifier.

The majority of reputable companies offer comprehensive manuals that cover installation procedures, the operation of purifiers, their components, dos and don’ts, and maintenance advice.

The typical timetable for replacing filters and cartridges, as well as information on frequent faults and how to fix them, are all included in a decent user handbook.

You can maintain and keep your water purifier in top shape with the aid of the handbook. It can also save you money by preventing needless visits from the water purifier service in Bangalore as many common problems can be fixed by following the directions in the handbook.

The user handbook should always be kept in a safe place rather than being thrown in the trash because of this.

As Per The Maintenance Schedule, Replace RO Filters

The most crucial necessity for the efficient maintenance of your RO water purifier is the prompt replacement of the filters and membrane.

The quickest approach to learning the frequency of replacement for all the filters and membranes is to consult the user handbook.

The user handbook will give you all the details on which filters to use and when to change them. RO purifiers have many stages.

Alerts for Automatic Filter Change

The technology behind RO water purifiers has advanced significantly over time. Modern purifiers sometimes have ‘Filter-change’ and ‘UV failure’ alerts. If a certain filter has to be updated, this technology will notify you beforehand.

Sanitation and Cleaning

Cleaning all of the RO system’s internal pipes is a crucial but sometimes disregarded aspect of doing basic maintenance on your RO system. Moving the water from one purification step to the next requires the use of several connecting pipes in a RO system.

In a perfect world, the technician would clean these pipes when changing the filters.

If the water is kept for an extended period, the likelihood of microbial contamination is quite significant. The foul taste and smell are the earliest indications of microbial infection. The water storage tank must thus be routinely emptied and replenished with new water.

Verify for Leaks

As soon as you discover any drips or leaks, you should call a qualified expert right once. If a leak is not immediately rectified, it might badly harm your water purifier. Drips and leaks cause needless water loss as well.

Drips and leaks in a water purifier can occur for several reasons, including improperly connected or broken pipes, damaged equipment, and malfunctioning components.

The expert can quickly identify the source of the leak and stop any additional harm to the water purifier by thoroughly inspecting it.

Keep The RO System’s Exteriors Clean

You should maintain the outside of the RO purifier clean in addition to washing and disinfecting the outer components. This will lessen the likelihood of water pollution while also assisting you in maintaining the brand-new appearance of your purifier. For distributing water from the storage tank, every RO purifier has an outside tap.

Get A Good Technician To Service It

We advise having it serviced by a qualified expert every six months if you want an effective and problem-free RO water purifier. Make careful you select the services of a brand-authorized expert or a person you can trust.

Regular maintenance will keep the water pure and significantly lower the likelihood of any major issues with your RO purifier.

As was previously mentioned, an essential component of effective maintenance is the periodic replacement of filters. Because a RO purifier is only as good as its filters, always use authentic, high-quality filters and components. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to jeopardise your health by using shoddy, unreliable filters.


If your family’s health is something you take seriously, it’s time you realised how important regular RO water purifier maintenance is.

An RO purifier requires little maintenance. Simply abide by these recommendations to keep your water filter in top operating order.