Why Does Instagram Ruin Video Quality? How to Fix It?

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If you are a content creator and upload reels regularly, you might have noticed that despite recording in HD quality, your video becomes blurry or loses its high quality after uploading. Why does Instagram ruin video quality? You are not the only one to raise the question.

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High-quality videos make it easier for your audience to experience the effort you put into a video. With the decrease in video quality, the standard of your content also drops.

Why Does Instagram Ruin Video Quality?

There are several reasons behind lowering the quality of a video. In short, Instagram does it for a better user experience. It sounds weird, but it is a fact.

To Load Faster

Instagram uses its own converter to make your video smaller in size so that video gets loaded faster and users can switch from one video to another smoothly.

To Save Data

Most users use Instagram on mobile phones, and sometimes they use it through mobile data, which is costly in many countries. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that larger-size videos will cost more data than smaller-size videos. Instagram aims to offer more service time to its users at less data cost.

Internet Speed

Many users may have wifi but 1 Mbps only. With low-speed internet, it would be impossible to watch reels smoothly, so Instagram decreases video size.

To Keep The Server Active

Millions of videos are uploaded every day on Instagram. If all the videos are of large sizes, it will be difficult to allow all these uploads. It will lead to a bad experience for the content creators.

How to Upload High-Quality Videos on Instagram?

Though Instagram ruins video quality to provide a better user experience, sometimes you need to upload videos in their original size. Otherwise, the video may lose its charm. So, what to do? You can upload videos in their original size by following these steps:

Follow the Uploading Guidelines

Instagram has some guidelines for uploading videos. It tells you about the resolution, aspect ratio, duration, and size of the video. Maintain these things while uploading the videos. It will help your videos remain in their original size.

Enable High-Quality Uploads

Instagram’s default setting is to lower the file size when uploading. You can turn it off and activate high-quality video upload. To do so, 

  • Go to your account 
  • Choose data usage from the options
  • Enable “upload at the highest quality.”
Compress Your Videos

Video compression refers to lowering the size of the video while maintaining the resolution and quality of the video as much as possible. By doing so, you can save your videos from being compressed by Instagram, which degrades the video quality along with lowering the size.

Record in the Highest Quality

You should always record videos in the highest quality available on your phone so that when you or Instagram compresses it, the video remains at least watchable.


In short, the answer to your question, “why does Instagram ruin video quality” is to ensure users are spending more time watching videos. The high resolution makes it challenging to provide a smooth experience, so they minimize the size when you upload videos.