Living With Dental Implants: A Breeze

One excellent option for tooth replacement is dental implants. After the gums and jaw have healed, they will look and feel identical to your original teeth. This implies that you can eat whatever you want and can continue to use your toothbrush and floss as usual. But many people aren’t sure what to expect after the operation.

Right After Getting Dental Implants

Louisiana people should expect to feel some soreness, swelling, bruising, and bleeding right after your dental implants Bastrop LA procedure. To be expected. Biting down on some gauze gently will halt the bleeding. A recommendation for over-the-counter pain relievers or a prescription for pain medication may also be given to you.

Aspirin thins the blood and increases bleeding, so you should avoid taking it. Cold packs can also alleviate pain and swelling.

To speed up the healing process, you should refrain from using a straw, drinking carbonated drinks, and smoking. We also advise sticking to soft foods like mashed potatoes, applesauce, and meal-replacement smoothies.

A Few Days Following Dental Implant Surgery

Your soft food diet and lack of exercise should be maintained. Use a heating pad or a warm washcloth on the affected area of your face if the pain and swelling persist. In addition to tightness in the jaw and neck, you could find that your lips are chapped.

Some oozing may still be present from the surgical site, and you might feel a little soreness in your throat. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking clear beverages throughout this time.

The Initial Week Following Implant Surgery

By the end of the first week, you expect to be feeling a little better. Nonetheless, stick to your soft food diet and cut out straws, carbonated drinks, and nicotine. Bruising and swelling should go down, and you can probably start doing light things again.

To make sure the incisions are healing properly, you’ll also need to go in for a follow-up session about seven to ten days following implant removal. Your cosmetic dentistry will require the same level of care going forward.

Two Weeks After Implant Procedure

After getting tmj treatment salt lake city ut, Utah people find it best to stick to a soft food diet for at least two weeks. When you’re ready, you can start eating somewhat harder meals; just remember to be gentle when chewing so as not to damage the implant sites.

 Make an appointment with your periodontist as soon as possible if, after two weeks, you are still in a lot of pain or still struggling to chew solid foods.

Wait Four Weeks

You should not be feeling any pain at the four-week mark. Everything you normally do every day, including exercising, should have been resumed by now. Eating normally should also be possible for you.

An infection, implant issues, or allergic reaction could be to blame for any pain or discharge you have at this point. Make an appointment right away to find out what’s causing your persistent pain if you’re still experiencing swelling, soreness, pain, or discharge.