Paige vanzant pictures on her own webpage

PAIGE VANZANT has advanced her UFC retirement by appearing naked for fans on her private fan page.The 26-year-old ex-UFC fighter also uploaded a slow-motion bikini walk to benefit her Instagram fans.Two weeks after she revealed her new website, which fans can pay for and receive exclusive content from VanZant, she published the naked teaser photograph.

VanZant posted a photo of herself in a bubble bath holding a sign that read “Exclusive material” to Instagram to announce the new website launch.She wrote: “I accomplished it” as the caption.The website offered an “inside look” at the American’s “training and recovery” as she began a Bare Knuckle career.During the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, VanZant, 26, gained notoriety for a slew of obscene social media posts she shared with her spouse Austin Vanderford.

They garnered a lot of attention with their bare-chested antics, whether gardening or baking in the kitchen.She acknowledged that when under contract to the UFC, uploading images rather than striking people brought in more money for her career, but she is determined that she won’t sign up for the platform that pays content creators from subscribers. Video is available Paige Vanzant’s nude on Mr. skin.

Even though it is well-liked by sex workers, other professionals, including musicians, fitness professionals, and chefs, also make a livelihood there.VanZant was fired from the UFC in July after losing to Amanda Ribas on Fight Island, but she later admitted that she had donated the money she received from fans to Florida animal shelters. She also said that the page was originally just a “dumb joke,” and she made it clear that she wasn’t passing judgement on those who use it.

VanZant realised this was the ideal opportunity to build her website, allowing her to provide her admirer access to exclusive content. I regularly notice new requests from my followers on social media.She stated that it would be simpler for fans to find the special content I’ll post by creating with FanTime.

“Make sure to subscribe before my next bout. You won’t find an inside peek at my training and recovery anyplace else, so watch for it!Despite knocking out her opponent’s tooth in their Bare Knuckle Boxing battle, she lost her debut at Knucklemania to Britain Hart.

All three judges gave it a score of 49–46. Despite refusing to do interviews in the ring after the fight because she had a horrible swelling under her left eye, “12 Gauge” took to Instagram to confirm she was okay.

All of her fans know that Paige VanZant, a former UFC fighter, is now a pornographic model. On her website, she makes money by selling sexy naked images, but nobody is interested in them anymore. However, the first screenshots from a sex film in which she is fucked in the shower recently surfaced. Paige VanZant will most likely soon go from being a porn model to being a porn actress. These photos of Paige Vanzant nude on Mr. skin were released online.