3 Benefits of owning Australian-made surgical face masks

face mask made in Australia

According to the Parliament of Australia website, in 2022, there have been over COVID-19 outbreaks in residential aged care. In addition, it has negatively impacted the lives of many. Hence, the government has made wearing masks mandatory. There are several different masks available in the market and online. But you must shop for a face mask made in Australia. Most surgical masks made in Australia are disposable and reusable. That’s not all; there are other benefits too. You can learn more in this article.

They help deal with contaminants daily.

Surgical masks are used in different industries that deal with contaminants daily. These include laboratories and research centres where scientists perform experiments with hazardous materials. They are also worn by nurses who work in hospitals or nursing homes to protect themselves from infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Workers of manufacturing facilities wear surgical masks because of the constant exposure to harmful chemicals during their job duties.

They are made of natural fibres and come in two types.

The two most common types of surgical masks are disposable and reusable. Disposable surgical masks are used once and then thrown away, while reusable ones can be washed and reused repeatedly without needing to be replaced every time you need a new one. Surgical masks have filters that are made of natural fibres such as cotton or polyester and nitrile rubber. Cotton is a natural fibre that grows in some plants, like cotton seeds, and comes from animals like sheep or goats (synthetic). Polyester is another synthetic fibre used in surgical face masks because it’s strong enough to stand up against bacteria while still looking nice on your face! Depending on what you’re looking for, you can pick out the one that works best. Nitrile rubber has been used in many industries for years, so it is well-known for its durability and sanitation properties. In addition, it is made from synthetic polymer molecules (hence its name).

They are P2certified.

P2-certified masks are the best of the best. They have been tested and certified by the P2 standards, a set of international standards that test the quality of products. They are used in many different industries, including healthcare and healthcare-related industries such as dentistry and dentistry education; pharmaceuticals; food & beverage processing; agriculture/food processing equipment & supplies; hardware product manufacturing; electronics assembly systems & components. Also, most P2-certified masks are used on HEMS. The P2 Certified masks are one of the most important factors in preventing individuals with common allergic reactions such as IBS. In addition, they help prevent asthma and other allergic diseases. A study has shown that people who use these masks regularly have a reduced risk of suffering from allergies. Another research conducted by experts from Australia’s National Institute for Health found that those who wear non-P2 certified face masks were more likely to develop asthma attacks than those who did not use them.

They are breathable, comfortable, and easily maintained.

Surgical masks provide clean, fresh air and help reduce germs. They are made of breathable material that allows air to pass through. It becomes easier for you to breathe while wearing a surgical mask. Surgical masks are comfortable to wear, simple to use, and easy to take off if needed. They’re easy to clean and store and good for frequent use or long-term storage. You can wash them in the machine and ensure they are dried for a minimum of 5 hours.


You can choose a face mask made in Australia because it lasts longer than other options on the market. Also, this is a great option if you want something naturally breathable and comfortable.