4 Tips for How to Boost Facebook Group Posts

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There are many social media platforms available now, but Facebook is still the king of social media. With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook can be considered the biggest market for business promotion. Along with a Facebook page, having a Facebook group also helps grow your popularity.

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You can use your Facebook group to announce updates or to keep communication with your audience. In this article, we will guide you on how to boost Facebook group posts.

How to Boost Facebook Group Posts 

You can increase the reach of your group’s posts in different ways. Here are the four most effective ways to reach more people through your Facebook group posts:

Use Your Facebook Page to Boost

Sadly there is no way to boost your Facebook group post with an ad. However, you can use your Facebook page to promote your Facebook group and group post. Here is how you can do it in simple steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click “Groups” you will find in the left menu
  • Select the group, or if you can’t see the group, then click on “see more” and find your group
  • Copy the 
  • Copy the post you want to share and also copy the link to the group
  • Go to your Facebook page and paste the text you copied as a new post, and give a brief description of the group as well 
  • Once the post is live, give the group link in the first comment
  • Now you can boost the post by simply tapping on “Boost Post.” 
  • Select the location and your desired audience and
  • Click on “Boost Post” now, and your ad will go live
Mention Your Facebook Group in Your Email Signature

Sending emails to customers is a common practice. You can add your facebook group info in your email signature, therefore, whenever you email your customers, they will get to know that there is a Facebook group available also. Did you know that you can use your TV as computer monitor?

Place A Sidebar on Your Website

You can add thousand of members on your Facebook groups by just adding anyone from your friendlist and asking your friends to do the same. This is an old method that works for entertaining groups, but for a business group you need a specific members who are interested in your products.

Your website can be a good option to boost your facebook group. You can add a sidebar with all the social media information including your Facebook group. This way you will get more of your target audience in your Facebook group.

Tag/ Mention Everyone

Facebook introduced some new features in the mid 2022. Now you can tag all the members of your group within seconds. For this, you can mention everyone while posting, to do so use “@” and type “everyone” without space. You can follow the same procedure in the comment section.

This way everyone added in the group will get a notification that they have been mentioned in a post. However, it’s better to use this feature only when you have some important message to share, else, people will feel annoyed.


Follow the above mentioned simple procedure of “how to boost Facebook group post”, and it will help your group get more traffic and followers;. You can use run a Facebook ad which is a faster way to get more followers. You can also follow the more organic ways to popularize your Facebook group.