Social Media Marketing Measurement Metrics You Need to Know

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Social media marketing measurement metrics help you understand whether your marketing is successful or not. There are several metrics, such as likes, comments, and new followers, that you can use to judge the ROI of your marketing.

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You can grow your business and pages through social media marketing too. Let’s see the metrics that will help you measure the result of your marketing.

7 Social Media Marketing Measurement Metrics

Brands do social media marketing to reach customers and increase their sales. If you can do it properly, your business will grow faster than expected. By the end of the article, you will know if you are doing it right.

Number of Followers

Of course, it is the number one aspect to discuss. The more followers you have, the more your posts reach and bring about new customers. Therefore, followers’ numbers have significance for social media marketing. You can keep a spreadsheet to keep track of your account’s growth.

Impression and Reach

Impression refers to how many times your ad was shown to people, while reach is the amount of how many unique users who have viewed your ads. If your impression and reach are low, it means the post is not doing well. You need to recheck it and see if you can improve it.


It is one of the most significant metrics to evaluate a marketing campaign. Engagement expresses the reaction of your audience. If your posts get more likes, comments, and shares, that means your post was alright. If engagement is low, you should analyze how to improve the condition next time.

Volume and Emotion

Volume is one of the newest but very important metrics. It refers to how many people are talking about your brand or business online. It counts mentions that users do on different posts.

Social media lets users express their emotions through reactions such as love, happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Analyzing these reactions is a good way to know about the feeling of your audience.


You advertise your products on social media to grab their attention and convert them into customers. You should monitor how many people are visiting your website from different social media.

If the number is low, it means your campaign needs improvement. Make persuasive campaigns so that people feel interested in visiting your website. While checking all these things, you will find it comfortable to work with wireless mouse.

Top Influencers

Many social media influencers have huge popularity and fan following. Therefore involving them in your marketing is very fruitful. However, it is not wise to hire any influencers. Instead, you must look for influencers whose followers and your customers are the same. Besides, if the influencer likes your product or service and feels positive about you, that is even better.

Social Channels Revenue

You must track how many people are coming to your website from social media platforms and making a purchase. If they happen to arrive and leave immediately, then this traffic has no value. You need to convince them that your product is the best so they can purchase from you. Prepare a report on weekly and monthly revenue and discuss with your team members how you can boost your revenue.


Social media has become an important aspect of marketing. You can win customers from here and increase your sales. Tracking social media marketing measurement metrics will help you improve your strategy and do better.