Why is team building on a yacht in Barcelona beneficial?

Over time, employees get tired of regular corporate parties in cafes or restaurants, often involving aimless feasting. In this case, conducting team building on a yacht can be a good solution. This step will help develop coordination, communication, and team spirit.

Advantages of team building on a yacht

A corporate party on a yacht is not just an unusual type of entertainment, but also a great investment in the development of the company. This kind of relaxation serves as a good test for the team, which improves relationships between employees, reveals potential or simply vents accumulated fatigue or negative emotions.

Team building on the water can increase loyalty to the company’s management, remove any psychological barriers, and build a genuinely strong team. A sailing corporate event is an unforgettable experience that people will talk about for a long time.

In addition, corporate yachting can be used as an effective PR campaign to attract the attention of future clients or employees. No photographs in restaurants or cafes can compare to group pictures from a yacht adventure.

Options for conducting a corporate event on water

On the website https://barcelonaboatrental.com/corporate-events/team-building-boat-barcelona/ team building on a yacht is available in two options: regatta and quest. Regardless of the program ordered, a captain and his professional assistants, who ensure safety, are always on board the vessel.

For large companies, it’s more convenient to choose a corporate regatta – a sports competition between several teams. To win, participants will have to work hard. This mainly develops endurance, strength, as well as fosters cohesion and the ability to achieve set goals.

When choosing a quest, company employees are similarly divided into teams, but here the main goal is to search for treasures using hints, maps, and fascinating tasks. This program primarily develops analytical thinking, increases trust, and the spirit of the team.

On the official page of the “Barcelona Boat Rental” service, a wide selection of yachts is available, which should be chosen based on financial capabilities, taste, and the number of places. Currently, the user can select a sailboat, catamaran, or order a yacht.